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  • Save Time – Let us show you properties that are actually available.
  • Less Stress – We will show you properties with your budget in mind.
  • Location – We have properties all over Malta & Gozo.
  • Simple – We take your details and call you back with our suitable properties.

    The worst thing about trying to find a property to rent in Malta

    You spend hours going through all the different real estate sites in Malta, normally just before bed. Wake up excited to speak to the real estate agent, ready to start the next chapter of your life, only to find all the properties are no longer available. I’ve made those calls myself. I remember feeling let down and to be honest a little bit annoyed. I wasted all that time for nothing. That’s why we started Home Rental Malta. Our goal is to cut out the time wasted and frustration caused to get you back on track with your new life. We have a huge list of properties available just waiting for you.

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    This apartment is perfect for you  Home this apartment is perfect for you

    How Home Rental Malta Can Help You

    Firstly we have tried to make this site as simple as possible. What makes Home Rental Malta different from any other Maltese property agents?  We don’t waste your time with properties that you either can’t afford, can’t move to, or let you waste your time looking at properties that were rented 6 months ago. I have been in contact with an agent in the past who told me that the reason the properties were still on the site was that the 12-month lease would soon be up and potentially be back on the market soon.

    That’s why at Home Rental Malta we simply take your details and call you back with the best-suited properties available.